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Marble Slabs Melbourne

Marble Slabs Melbourne

At Baasar Stone, we believe in quality. We stock only the finest quality European marble slabs in our Melbourne showroom. Each slab is carefully inspected to ensure we provide only the most visually appealing and high-quality slabs. We specialize in classic Italian marbles including Calacatta Marble and Statuario Marble, as well as many different shades of grey marble and black marble.

For any enquiries on our below stock, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03-9357 7780 or visit our slab showroom for slab inspection.

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Marble Slabs for Sale Melbourne:

Marble is a remarkable material formed by nature and is a wonderful choice for your home. Whether they are used in kitchen, bathroom or any other areas of your home, they will make the space look more luxurious. At Baasar Stones, we have top grade European marble slabs for sale in our Melbourne showroom, suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

With a great emphasis on trust and reliability, we have been working with homeowners, developers, architects and interior designers across Melbourne and helping them create their dream project. In addition to just supplying marble slabs and marble benchtops in Melbourne, we can also guide you through the very best choice for your construction project.     

Types Of Marble Available At Baasar Stones:

Calacatta MarbleThis type of marble is known for its gorgeous and distinctive look with thick and bold veining. They have a graceful appearance, making it a perfect choice for interior uses.

New York MarbleWhether horned or polished, the New York marbles bring out the sophistication in your kitchen and bathroom. Perfect for walls and flooring, these marbles have become the prominent choice among those who have a deep love for luxurious lifestyle.

Carrara MarbleNamed after the region it comes from- Carrara, Italy, these marbles have softer looking due to its subtle grey veining that sometimes look bluish. Carrara marbles are dense, durable and relatively non-porous, making them the perfect choice for commercial applications.

Grey MarbleSimple yet sophisticated, our range of grey marble / limestone slabs offers elegant and luxurious look to your home. This visually pleasing natural stone material works well with virtually any décor.

Black MarbleIf you are looking for dark marble countertops in Melbourne, our collection of black marbles surely suits your taste. Adored for its elegance and beauty, they are popular for backsplash & vanity top .

Statuario MarbleThis known natural stone with its distinct grey and bold veining as well as alluring bold pattern. Quarried in Italy, Statuario marbles will be the centre of attraction wherever they are applied.

Nuvolato MarblesIf you are looking for a dynamic piece of natural art rather than a typical construction material, our range of Nuvolato marbles would be a perfect pick for you. Enhanced by swirl veining, these marbles will add character to your home or office space.

To know more about our range of marble slabs in Melbourne, either call us on (03) 9357 7780 or visit our Campbellfield showroom today.

Disclaimer: Photos here are not the true representation of the true / actual colour of the natural stone slabs.