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New York Marble is one of the more visually striking and intricate types of marble available.

Generally quarried in Turkey, this stone features a white field with bold and elegant black to dark purple veining.

The complex, sometimes chaotic, veining patterns can be used to create the illusion of depth in such applications as splashbacks and feature walls.

New York Marble tends to be extravagant and dazzling. Its distinct characteristics mean that it is often best used as a decorative centrepiece or feature. The intricate veins themselves are often enough to create an eye-catching feature.

It also works well when backlit, with the light bringing out the full intensity and moody subtleties of the beautiful veining patterns. When it comes to using New York Marble, think splashbacks, tabletops, bar tops and feature walls. The unique colouration and pattering in this stunning stone will allow you to create bold and breathtaking features.

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