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At Baasar Stone we are ready to turn your design dreams into reality
We are one of Melbourne's leading stone suppliers specialising in marble and granite.

We offer an extensive range of beautiful marble and granite slabs for benchtops in Melbourne.
Baasar Stone is a preferred choice for many of Melbourne’s leading interior designers, architects and developers.

New York Marble Melbourne

New York Marble suppliers Melbourne is one of the more visually striking and intricate types of marble available.

Generally quarried in Turkey, this stone features a white field with bold and elegant black to dark purple veining.

The complex, sometimes chaotic, veining patterns can be used to create the illusion of depth in such applications as splashbacks and feature walls.

New York Marble tends to be extravagant and dazzling. Its distinct characteristics mean that it is often best used as a decorative centrepiece or feature. The intricate veins themselves are often enough to create an eye-catching feature.

It also works well when backlit, with the light bringing out the full intensity and moody subtleties of the beautiful veining patterns. When it comes to using New York Marble, think splashbacks, tabletops, bar tops and feature walls. The unique colouration and pattering in this stunning stone will allow you to create bold and breathtaking features.

Grey Marble Melbourne

Grey Marble is generally made up of charcoal tones with striking white-grey veins and occasional beige, cream and brown colours. The mix of greys, blacks and whites creates a warm tone that balances the bright intensity of white marble with more sombre black marbles.

At Baasar Stone, we offer a range of grey marble styles from the rugged veining of the Mystique Grey to the classic patterns of the Storm Marble.

Grey marbles are particularly popular and on-trend right now. They are an aesthetically pleasing, bold choice that appeals to designer and can work to create a warm and natural-feeling ambience.

Grey marble works in all areas of the house especially well in kitchen and bathrooms, with the darker grey marble styles creating a great contrast against variety of bath wares. The natural stone tones also pair wonderfully with the vibrant green of houseplants.

Marble Slabs Melbourne

At Baasar Stone, we believe in quality. We stock only the finest quality European marble slabs in our Melbourne showroom. Each slab is carefully inspected to ensure we provide only the most visually appealing and high-quality slabs. We specialize in classic Italian marbles including Calacatta Marble and Statuario Marble, as well as many different shades of grey marble and black marble.

Granite Slabs Melbourne

At Baasar Stone leading natural stone, granite &  Marble suppliers Melbourne, we offer a variety of granite slabs in many different colours. We specialise in white granite slabs, but also a stock a variety of exotic and hard-to-find granite styles, as well as an economy range. As a leading granite and natural stone supplier in Melbourne, we sell only the highest quality granite direct to the public.

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Granite and Marble Suppliers Melbourne

At Baasar Stone, we maintain a philosophy of quality over quantity by stocking only the finest quality marble and granite from renowned suppliers around the world. Our team personally inspects all stone products prior to display and distribution to ensure that you receive the best marble and granite products available in Melbourne.

Natural Stone Suppliers Melbourne

Natural stones like marble and granite feature unique natural patterning, which means that every piece is one-of-a-kind. At Baasar Stone, you can browse our showroom to select the perfect slab to suit your decoration requirements. Our in-store experts can assist you with choosing a style to suit your existing cabinetry and flooring or create an eye-catching, bold feature. Our diverse range caters to homeowners with differing styles and budgets, which means you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

You can browse our selection online, but for the full experience visit our showroom at Campbellfield. You’ll be able to browse, touch and appreciate our full selection of marble and granite and discuss your requirements with our friendly and experienced team. Visit us today to experience one of the finest selections of marble in Melbourne.


Baasar Stones is suppling the highest Quality of Natural and
Imported Marbles.

Baasar Stones is Prefered Choice of Australia’s Leading Interior Designers, Architects and Developers.

Abhi Chatter in Campbellfield, VIC, AU on Houzz
Abhi Chatter in Campbellfield, VIC, AU on Houzz
Abhi Chatter in Campbellfield, VIC, AU on Houzz
Abhi Chatter in Campbellfield, VIC, AU on Houzz