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Add Elegance and Grace to Your Home with Marble Flooring

Marble, a beautiful form of metamorphic rocks, is always seen as a fantastic option for flooring and other construction purposes. Though natural stone supplier in Melbourne stocks marbles in various colours and shades, white and black marbles are regarded as the prettiest form and preferred by many homeowners. When it comes to flooring, marble has been the prominent choice due to its luxurious aesthetic and natural elegance. Having been around us for thousands of years, its eternity speaks a lot about its quality. Let’s see what makes marble the first choice of material for flooring.

Natural Elegance:

Marble is known for its translucent property, allowing some light to pass through it. If you choose white or light colour marble, it appears to be glowing when the sunlight falls on it. As they enhance the amount of natural light available in the room, they brighten up any space.

Excellent Heat Conduction:

Marble floors paired with radiant heating keep you feeling cozy and comfortable even on the snowy winter mornings. On the other hand, marble also tends to be cool if it is not heated, so marble flooring can be helpful if you live in hot and humid regions as well as during long, hot summer days.

Durable & Long-Lasting:

Marble floors can withstand just about anything you throw at them. Scraping chairs, dropped dishes or sloshed water? Marble can perfectly handle it, making them an ideal choice even in high-traffic areas of your home. As long as you maintain them properly, marble flooring lasts longer.

Easy To Customise:

One of the biggest benefits of marble flooring is that it gives you the ability to integrate bespoke marble inlays into the design. Though each piece of marble is a custom work of art, the incorporation of customised marble inlays tells a story about your home.

So, if you have decided to add marble flooring to your newly-constructed home, approach Baasar Stones – a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne. We have marble benchtops and slabs in different sizes and colour options to choose from. Our in-house staff will work with you and recommend a design that reflects your own personal taste. For any assistance, we invite you to call (03) 9357 7780 and talk to us today.