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Why Choose Natural Stones For Your Kitchen Island?

Want to update your kitchen, but have only a little budget to upgrade it? Why not add an island made of natural stone to your kitchen? A kitchen island not only brings visual beauty to your cooking area but also enhances the functionality with ease. When it comes to deciding the right material for your kitchen island, it can be confusing with so many options available. Thankfully, we are here to make the choice quite easier. There are a few types of natural stones that work best in kitchen renovation, and they are:

Let’s see what benefits you could enjoy by choosing natural stone over other materials.


A kitchen island is not only the focal point of a kitchen, but it can also function as an extra counter space, a storage unit, a workspace, a conversation area, a dining area and more. Being multi-functional, natural stone is the ideal material choice for a kitchen island.


Marble conveys unique elegance, granite conveys strength, quartzite conveys sustainability and super white dolomite conveys gorgeousness. The attributes of these natural stones are durability, non-toxic, recyclability and ease of care, which make them an optimal choice for a green, eco-friendly kitchen.

Best For All Lifestyles:  

Whether you use the kitchen island countertop to prepare lunch, to dine or to complete assignments, natural stone is a safer choice if you want a material that can withstand frequent use. They are resistant to stains and scratches, meaning that they are suitable for heavy use and all lifestyles.

Boost Property Value:

There is a great demand for property with kitchen islands in the market, so if you are about to sell your property, your home with kitchen island will gain more interest from prospective buyers.

Where to Buy Natural Stones for Your Kitchen Island?

For natural stone benchtops and slabs in Melbourne, you can trust Baasar Stones, a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne. We stock and supply only the highest quality natural stone materials, providing a great value for our customer’s hard-earned money. To know more about our natural stone collection, call (03) 9357 7780 or visit our Campbellfield showroom today.