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Top 5 Myths About Granite Stone Benchtops – Debunked!

Granite countertops have been the top pick for kitchen countertops all across the world. It is reliable, looks stunning and adds value to your home. However, there are many myths about granite that plague people’s mind when making this important decision. Today, we are going to debunk five common myths about granite.

Myth 1 – Granite Countertops Are Hard To Clean And Maintain:

Granite requires a few extra steps to clean other than just wiping off the surface. Yes, you need to wipe it down with warm water and soap to make the countertop as fresh as new. But, do you think that it is hard to clean and maintain?

Myth 2 – Granite Is Completely Indestructible:

Yes, granite can withstand heat, but it depends merely on how hot something placed on it is. If you are placing a scalding hot pot on the countertop, it could get damaged. That’s why it is recommended to use trivets or holders to place the hot pot or pan on it.

Myth 3 – Granite Countertops Are Havens For Bacteria:

You would have heard this before – granite is not suitable for preparing food as they facilitate bacterial growth. Yes, it is true, but that’s why we seal it. Using sealants can prevent bacteria from getting into those fissures and pores.  Wiping down the surface using antibacterial soap can also help eliminating those unwelcome bacteria.

Myth 4 – Granite Is Expensive:

While you tend to pay a little more for your granite countertops, it adds inherent and inexplicable value to your home. Moreover, the price of granite has also dropped down over the years, so it is really worth to opt for granite stone construction materials. 

Myth 5 – Granite & Marble Countertops Are The Same:

Some granite stones may resemble marbles in terms of veining and structure, but they are entirely different in terms of formation, composition and characteristics.

By now, you might have understood granite natural stone benchtops are the perfect pick for your home. To buy granite in Melbourne, look no further than Baasar Stones – a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne. To know more about our granite slabs and benchtop collections, call (03) 9357 7780 or visit our showroom today.