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Five Things You Should Never Place On Your Granite Countertops

Granite could be one of the toughest igneous rocks formed in the depths of the earth, but this doesn’t mean that you can get away with anything on your granite countertops. Granite is stronger than nails, but it is not just the granite slabs you need to worry about. Here are certain things that you should never place on the granite countertop surfaces.

Raw Meat:

Raw meat won’t cause any damages to your countertops, but the bacteria present on the surfaces can spread to other food stuffs that you place on the countertops. Moreover, when you place meat on the countertops, you use disinfectant to clean the surface. Using cleaners and disinfectants consistently will damage the sealant, so try to cut the meat by putting it on a cutting board.


The granite is sturdier to handle the knives, but slicing knives across granite stones to cut vegetables or meat will quickly blunt and damage the blades. To protect your knives and keep your countertop in tip-top shape, use a cutting board instead of chopping right on the granite surfaces.

Acidic Things:

Acidic things such as vinegar, soft drinks, citrus fruits, lotions, nail polish, soaps and perfumes can scrape the surface and damage the granite sealant. So, you need to make sure that these things are not getting into contact with the countertops.

Hot Pans:

Though granite stones are highly resistant to heat, excessive exposure to heat weakens the sealant. To prevent damages to your countertops, it is better to have potholders and trivets nearby when you are cooking. Also don’t ignore to wipe off the spilling immediately.

Overweight Objects:

Granite countertops can take a lot of weight, but this doesn’t mean that you can stand or sit on them. Placing a lot of weight on the edges tends the countertop to crack and forces you to replace them.

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