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Essential Tips to Care For and Maintain Your Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops not only add on elegant touch to your home, but also serve as an excellent choice for durability. Whether you opt for granite, marble, quartzite or dolomite countertops, it is important to learn how to care for them to prevent damages. Here are some tips for maintaining your natural stone countertops.

Seal Your Stones:

Most of the natural stones are porous, so they can absorb staining agents present in dropped food and spilled liquids. To protect your countertops from staining, you should have them sealed properly.

Use Safe Cleaning Products:

Cleaning the countertops with dish soap creates a filmy deposit and causes discolouration. To clean the surfaces of your natural stone countertop, use a PH neutral cleaner which is designated specially for natural stones. Also, avoid any cleaning solution that is acidic or abrasive.

Treat Stains and Spills Immediately:

Most of the natural stones are sensitive to acidic foods like vinegar, wine and citrus juices. Foods containing excessive artificial dyes and colours should be handled carefully. So, if you have spilled anything on the countertop, clean it up as quickly as possible.

Avoid Damages:

  • Avoid keeping hot pans, cooker and dishes directly on the countertop. Excessive heat can cause damage to the sealant and thermal shock to the stone, making countertops to crack soon.
  • Don’t stand or sit on the countertops as placing heavy weight along the edges may cause cracks in the stone.
  • Avoid chopping and slicing the veggies and meat directly on the countertops. Though the natural stones are tough to handle the scratches, the knives will lose its sharpness and get damaged.

Call for Professional Help:

If you feel that your natural stone countertop has lost its lustre and shine, call for professional help. They will carry out necessary works to restore their beauty. On the other hand, if your countertops are damaged excessively and you would like to replace it, look no further than Baasar Stones – a leading natural stone supplier in Melbourne.

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